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Cryptocurrency Interest Rate Derivative Discussion (Twitter Spaces)

Next Tuesday, 4 April 2023 (10:00 UTC/ 6PM SGT), we invite you to join one of our Co-Founders Arthur Hayes and the CEO of Voltz Labs, Simon Jones for a discussion covering Bitcoin and cryptocurrency interest rate derivatives.  

Reckless – Chapter 19: The Proof Of Stake Interest Rate

Chapter 19 of the book Reckless: The Story Of Cryptocurrency Interest Rates is published below. The full book is available on Amazon. The book was written before the bankruptcy...

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Cryptocurrency Interest Rate Derivative Discussion (Twitter Spaces)

Reckless – Chapter 19: The Proof Of Stake Interest Rate

Reckless – Chapter 18: Proof Of Stake

Reckless – Chapter 17: Celsius

Reckless – Chapter 16: The Earn Collapse

Reckless – Chapter 15: Financial Contagion

Reckless – Chapter 14: Crypto Credit Market Structure

Reckless – Chapter 13: DeFi

Ordinals Data

Reckless – Chapter 12: Stablecoins

Reckless – Chapter 11: The Earn Model

Reckless – Chapter 10: Bitcoin’s Risk Free Rate

Reckless – Chapter 9: Bitcoin As Collateral

Reckless – Chapter 8: The Emergence Of Lending Markets

Reckless – Chapter 7: The Early Years

Reckless – Chapter 6: Bitcoin Interest Rate

Reckless – Chapter 5: Everything Bubble

Reckless – Chapter 4: The Wrong Rate

Reckless – Chapter 3: The Natural Rate

Reckless – Chapter 2: Interest Rate Ethics

Reckless – Chapter 1: The History Of Interest Rates

BSV Hardfork – Security Considerations

BitMEX Provides Snapshot Update to Bitcoin Proof of Reserves & Proof of Liabilities

Reckless: The Story Of Cryptocurrency Interest Rates

The power of valves for better flow control, improved reliability & lower expected payment...

Erroneous findings in Merkle Trees Optimized for Stateless Clients in Bitcoin

OFAC Sanctions & Ethereum PoS – Some Technical Nuances


The OP_Return Wars of 2014 – Dapps Vs Bitcoin Transactions

TxWithhold Smart Contracts by Gleb Naumenko

Taproot Demonstration

Price of Anarchy from selfish routing strategies on the Lightning Network by Rene Pickhardt

A complete history of Bitcoin’s consensus forks – 2022 Update

Why Open Source Matters – Guix


OP_CTV – Summer Softfork Shenanigans

Mining Bull Market

Book review: The Cryptopians (by Laura Shin)

CoinPool FAQ

Don’t Wait For The Inflationary Endgame

Bitcoin’s Lowest Block Hash Values

Bitcoin Address Re-use Statistics

Checking Ethereum’s Total Supply

Ethereum’s New 1MB Blocksize Limit

Bitcoin vs Ethereum – Blockchain Size

Scamwicks and Stop Cascades

Preventing Channel Jamming

Bitcoin’s Carbon Footprint

Outsourced Stake

Ethereum’s Proof of Stake System – Calculating Penalties & Rewards

Mapping Out The Macro Endgame

BitMEX Research Is Now An Ethereum Staker

Proof of Reserves & Liabilities – BitMEX Demonstration

Fixing The Privacy Gap In Proof Of Liability Protocols

The Blocksize War – Chapter 21 – Victory

The Blocksize War – Chapter 20 – SegWit2x

The Blocksize War – Chapter 19 – Bitcoin Cash

The Blocksize War – Chapter 18 – New York Agreement

The Blocksize War – Chapter 17 – User-Activated Softfork

The Blocksize War – Chapter 16 – Litecoin

The Blocksize War – Chapter 15 – Dragons’ Den

The Blocksize War – Chapter 14 – ASICBoost

The Blocksize War – Chapter 13 – Exchanges


The Blocksize War – Chapter 12 – Bitcoin Unlimited

The Blocksize War – Chapter 11 – Scaling III – Milan

The Blocksize War – Chapter 10 – The DAO

Out of Order Block Validation with Utreexo Accumulators

Faster Blockchain Validation with Utreexo Accumulators

The Blocksize War – Chapter 9 – Faketoshi

Breaking Down The Fee Market (EIP-1559)

The Blocksize War – Chapter 8 – Hong Kong Roundtable

The Blocksize War – Chapter 7 – Bitcoin Classic

The Blocksize War – Chapter 6 – Lightning Network

The Blocksize War – Chapter 5 – SegWit

The Blocksize War – Chapter 4 – Scaling II – Hong Kong

The Blocksize War – Chapter 3 – Scaling I – Montreal

The Blocksize War – Chapter 2 – March To War

The Blocksize War – Chapter 1 – First Strike

Book Published: The Blocksize War

Taproot: You Betcha

January 2021 Cryptocurrency Exchange Review (From CryptoCompare)

Progress Towards Utreexo Goals

Bitcoin Miner Transaction Fee Gathering Capability

London 2012 – The Second Bitcoin Conference

Exchange traded Bitcoin products

Mitigating Channel Jamming with Stake Certificates

The Growth of Bitcoin Merge Mining

Current Status of the Utreexo Project

Call me Ishmael

Battle of the Dexes

Bitcoin Satellite

August 2020 Report Into Cryptocurrency Exchanges (From CryptoCompare)

Antminer S19 Pro vs Whatsminer M30S+ (Part 2) – Thermal Image Analysis

Antminer S19 Pro vs Whatsminer M30S+

July 2020 Report Into Cryptocurrency Exchanges (From CryptoCompare)

Bitcoin Softfork Activation Methodology

Call to action: testing and improving asmap

June 2020 Report Into Cryptocurrency Exchanges (From CryptoCompare)

Battle For ASIC Supremacy

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