Renewal of Chris Coverdale’s Bitcoin Developer Grant

BitMEX has extended Chris Coverdale’s Bitcoin developer grant until November 2023, a six month extension from the previous grant. This is the fourth consecutive time BitMEX has provided Chris a grant, over a three year period. 

Chris is working on StratumV2. StratumV2 is a new protocol for pooled Bitcoin mining, which can allow miners to select transactions rather than the pool operator. This improves Bitcoin’s censorship resistance properties. In addition to this, the new protocol helps with securing the communication and improving efficiency of the mining pool. Alongside BitMEX, other organisations financing the development of StratumV2 include Spiral, the Human Rights Foundation, Galaxy DIgital and Foundry Digital. You can find out more about StratumV2 here.

Commenting on the grant, Chris said:

I’d like to thank BitMEX for the continued support on funding open source software and Bitcoin development. This round of the grant will allow me to continue supporting efforts and development of the Stratum V2 protocol, as well as integrating Stratum V2 into Bitcoin. The work of building and integrating a Stratum V2 Template Provider into Bitcoin will allow me to contribute more time to reviewing code in Bitcoin. Thanks again to BitMEX for all the support and dedication in pushing open source software forward.

Chris’s grant is based on the open source template grant contract. BitMEX has a policy of allowing “stacking”, which means grantees are free to get funding from other sources while being part of the BitMEX grant program. BitMEX, the platform which invented the perpetual swap contract, is proud to support open source Bitcoin development and engineering, aimed at improving Bitcoin’s robustness, scalability and privacy.