Open Source Developer Grant Program

Active Bitcoin Developer Grants

Michael Ford – US$100,000 per annum

Michael Ford (AKA fanquake) has been a Bitcoin contributor since 2012 and in 2019 he was added to the list of maintainers for the Bitcoin Core software project on GitHub. He joined BitMEX’s grant program in July 2019


Gleb Naumenko – US$100,000 per annum

Gleb Naumenko has been working on Bitcoin Core technologies since 2017. His primary focus is security, privacy and scalability of the peer-to-peer layer. He joined BitMEX’s grant program in June 2020


Calvin Kim – US$100,000 per annum

Calvin has been contributing to the Utreexo project since 2019. His main interest is to improve the scalability in Bitcoin’s base layer. He joined BitMEX’s grant program in August 2020


Sjors Provoost – US$45,000 per annum (part time)

Sjors has been a Bitcoin contributor since 2017. His main area of focus is the hardware wallet, however he is also known for testing and reviewing code across the repository. He joined BitMEX’s grant program in August 2021


Rene Pickhardt – US$50,000 per annum (first year)

Rene has been focusing on Lightning. He co-authored the book Mastering the Lightning Network and was pioneering in creating educational resources about the Lightning Network. He joined BitMEX’s grant program in September 2021


Chris Coverdale – US$50,000 per annum (first year)

Chris has been contributing to Lightning and Bitcoin Core technologies since 2019. His primary focus is Bitcoin and mining protocols such as StratumV2. He joined BitMEX’s grant program in September 2021


BitMEX, like other companies in the Bitcoin space, relies heavily on the (often-volunteer) work of dedicated open source developers. This work may be difficult, demanding, and often thankless. We believe it is the duty of corporations to help nourish the ecosystems in which they exist, giving back where possible to the projects from which they benefit – and from which their very business model may stem. Without the millions of free hours dedicated by open source developers powering everything from our operating systems to our web servers to Bitcoin itself, the BitMEX trading platform could not have been built.

The application process for the 2021 Grant Program has now closed. Details of the 2022 Grant Program will be announced in due course

Total Historic Open Source Developer Grant Funding

Grantee Name Area Total Amount Provided


Bitcoin development US$500,000

Michael Ford

Bitcoin development US$250,000

Gleb Naumenko

Bitcoin development US$200,000

Calvin Kim

Bitcoin development US$130,000

Sjors Provoost

Bitcoin development US$37,500

Rene Pickhardt

Bitcoin development US$33,333

Chris Coverdale

Bitcoin development US$33,333

Amiti Uttarwar

Bitcoin development US$75,000

Jeremy Rubin

Bitcoin development US$50,000

Alex Hultman

NodeJS – µWebSockets US$215,000



(Differences in rates between developers are primarily driven by the extent to which the developer has other sources of funding and cost of living adjustments)

Grantee Requirements

  • In general, grants are awarded free of obligation
  • However, in the case of the Open Source Developer Grant, grantees will be required to write a report every 6 months on the development work they have conducted. This report is likely to be published on our website under an open source license.

Template Grant Contract

Any grant offers may be based on the “template grant contract”, which is published under an open source licence on GitHub


Other Grants & Donations

Grantee/Donee name Date Amount

Sinon (Node JS)

US$100 per month

Babel (Compiler for JavaScript)

US$500 per month



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