Amiti Uttarwar

Bitcoin Developer Grant

Amiti Uttarwar has been contributing to Bitcoin Core since 2019.

Amiti spends her time focused on the P2P (peer-to-peer) layer and changing transaction rebroadcast logic to improve wallet privacy in Bitcoin Core. At the protocol layer, privacy involves preventing spies from identifying the source wallet of a transaction. In Bitcoin Core, the existing mechanism for rebroadcasting transactions leaks this information. Pull request #18038 reduces the frequency of a wallet attempting to rebroadcast transactions from ~1/15min to ~1/day, dramatically reducing how frequently a wallet node reveals this information. This is part of a larger project, tracked in #16698, to entirely rework the rebroadcast mechanism to no longer leak sensitive information.

Amiti is also passionate about educational outreach across the spectrum of technical competency. Some examples of her work include: 

  • Onboarding to Bitcoin Core – This blog post shares tips with aspiring Bitcoin contributors.
  • She produces illustrations to make technical fundamentals more accessible to a wide audience, such as mempool zine. All her illustrations to date can be found in this Bitcoin Bytes repository.
  • Attacking Bitcoin Core – Her presentation introduces a framework for categorizing the P2P design goals and dives into some specific recent improvements to the codebase.
  • She has engaged in podcasts with Anita Posch and Marty Bent to shed light on frequently asked questions about Bitcoin development. 

Amiti’s grant was provided in collaboration with OKCoin. The HDR element of the grant is based on the open source template grant contract. The below figures exclude the contributions from OKCoin.

Grant Dates Amount

June 2020