Rene Pickhardt

Bitcoin Developer Grant

Rene has been co-authoring the book Mastering the Lightning Network and was pioneering in creating educational resources about the Lightning Network like an extensive slide deck, several videos and answering almost 50% of all questions about the Lightning Network on Stackexchange. He has been working on improving the reliability of the payment process by introducing JIT-Routing, an imbalance score and rebalancing algorithm, the method of probabilistic path finding and finally introduced optimally reliable and cheap payment flows for the Lightning Network. Of course he operates his Lightning Network channels with a #zeroBaseFee. Rene has been awarded a Bitcoin developer grant and it is based on the open source template grant contract.

Grant Dates Amount

September 2021

May 2022

November 2022

May 2023


Reports by Rene:

May 2022 – Price of Anarchy from selfish routing strategies on the Lightning Network