Renewal of Gleb Naumenko’s Bitcoin Developer Grant

BitMEX has extended Gleb Naumenko’s Bitcoin developer grant until May 2023, a six month extension from the previous grant. This is the fourth consecutive time BitMEX has provided Gleb a grant and BitMEX continues to support his work for the long term.

Gleb is a Bitcoin protocol researcher, lately, among other things, he has been focused on the security of the Lightning Network. You can read his November 2021 piece here, where Gleb explains channel jamming and various strategies to mitigate the problem. 

Commenting on the grant, Gleb said:

I’m glad that BitMEX supports open-source research. My goal for this round is to be focused on the most impactful things I can contribute to in the Bitcoin protocol space. Firstly, following-up on erlay deployment and contributing to the Lightning channel jamming mitigation discussion. Secondly, looking more into the challenges with deploying cool stuff on top of Bitcoin, which could be anything from a better Lightning experience to new smart contract constructions. I will also look out for (more niche) existing projects which could benefit from my contributions.

Gleb’s grant is based on the open source template grant contract. BitMEX, the platform which invented the perpetual swap contract, is proud to support open source Bitcoin development and engineering, aimed at improving Bitcoin’s robustness, scalability and privacy.