Renewal of Rene Pickhardt’s Bitcoin Developer Grant

BitMEX has extended Rene Pickhardt’s Bitcoin developer grant until November 2022, a six month extension from the previous grant, which expires at the end of this month. 

Commenting on the grant, Rene said:

I feel very grateful and honoured that the team at BitMEX understands the importance of fundamental research and continues to sponsor the work of many Bitcoin developers (including myself). I am looking forward to continuing researching how to make the payment process of the Lightning Network more reliable and which principle limitations of the Lightning Network exist – which I currently estimate will mainly come from the game theory of the strategic and selfish behaviour of nodes in the routing game and congestion of routing traffic.

The grant is based on the open source template grant contract. BitMEX, the platform which invented the perpetual swap contract, is proud to support open source Bitcoin development and engineering, aimed at improving Bitcoin’s robustness, scalability and privacy.