Crypto Trader Daily – 9 April 2015

Price Action

Down down down was the direction today. The low of $236 on Bitfinex was hit late afternoon China time. The price promptly rebounded back above $240. The gyrations have stalled and traders are gearing up for another whippy China night and early morning trading session. Keep a close eye on USD and XBT swaps outstanding on Bitfinex. The margin longs are a bit over extended and a violent gap downwards could occur after a well timed bear raid.


Trade Idea

Sell XBU24H above $240 anticipating a retest of $235 level on Bitfinex.


In the News

Coinbase Mail Server Hacked (Reddit)

Coinsetter Acquires Cavirtex (Coinsetter)

Crypto Trader Daily – 17 March 2015

Price Action

Where did all the traders go? Today was a very quiet trading session. The price oscillated between $289 and $292 on very low volume. Volatility in general has taken a nose dive with the .BVOL Index (30 day realised volatility) down over 50% since one month prior to 65%.


Trade Ideas

Going into the final stretch of March, volatility could pop meaningfully if $300 is breached on heavy volume. Consider buying BVOLH15 which expires on March 27th.


In the News

Cryptowatch adds BitMEX to its charting website (

Coinbase compliance chief resigns (Qntra)

Rakuten starts accepting Bitcoin (WSJ)

Silk Road lieutenant Peter Nash pleads guilty (Naked Security)