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Now Live: GLMRUSDT Perpetual Swap Listing

As of 26 September at 12:00 UTC, users can trade Moonbeam with up to 5x leverage on BitMEX via a new listing - GLMRUSDT.

The Lagged Impact Of Higher Rates

Abstract: Official inflation numbers have declined towards the 2% target and remarkably, interest rates have moved to historically more “normal” levels, above 5%. However, we predicted for years that...

Hot or Not? Our Team’s Take on TOKEN2049 Singapore

BitMEX's TOKEN2049 Singapore recap, split into what was hot and what - in our team’s humble opinion - was most certainly not.

Bitcoin’s Culture War – Discussion With Udi Wertheimer

Abstract: We look at the recent apparent cultural schism in Bitcoin, in particular the so-called laser eyed Bitcoin maximalists and the accusation from “anti-maxis”, that this section of the...
Postmortem AnnouncementPostmortem Announcement

Announcement on Index Weights for Q4 2023

On 19 September 2023 at 04:00:00 UTC, we will update our index weights at BitMEX.

Now Live: Bitcoin- and Tether – Margined FIL Listings

From 15 September at 04:00 UTC, BitMEX users will be able to long or short FIL via two new listings - FILUSD and FILUSDT.

How Much? How Long? Where’s it Going? Prediction Markets is Now Live at BitMEX 

Prediction Markets has arrived at BitMEX, allowing traders to predict and take positions on the outcomes of real-life events.
Listing Announcement BitMEXListing Announcement BitMEX

Announcement on Quarterly Futures Listings for Q4 2023

On 12 September at 04:00 UTC, we will be listing new quarterly futures on BitMEX.

Are We There Yet?

In this edition of Crypto Trader Digest, Arthur examines whether Bitcoin can still rise should the Fed continue to raise rates.

Now Live: DFIUSDT Perpetual Swap Listing

DeFiChain is now available to trade on BitMEX via DFIUSDT, marking the first perpetual swap for the token listed in the market.

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