March 20, 2017 BitMEX Morning Report

Currency 24 Hour Return Day High Day Low
Ethereum (ETH)    + 14.402% 0.04377 0.03640
Zcash (ZEC)    + 10.876% 0.0811227 0.0567801
Augur (REP)    + 9.984% 0.0083323 0.0069241

Ethereum (ETH) News:

Darknet Marketplace AlphaBay Will Enable Ethereum Payments Soon [Merkle]

To trade Ethereum on BitMEX, please trade ETH7D


Zcash (ZEC) News:

Announcing the Zcash Foundation [ZcashFans]

To trade Zcash on BitMEX, please trade ZECH17


Augur (REP) News:

Top 5 Most Hyped Up Cryptocurrencies Right Now [Merkle]

To trade Augur on BitMEX, please trade REP7D