BitMEX 推荐人永久返利


BitMEX 非常感谢各位用户分享我们的服务,因此我们从今起,推荐人返利将从注册后6个月延长到永久返利。



我们将费率从 Maker(即挂单后未能够即时成交的订单) 0% / Taker(即挂单后即时成交订单,市价订单) 0.05% 至 Maker -0.025% / Taker 0.075%
以上修改会对XBU合约以外的合约生效,生效时间为 11月23号,12:00GMT (周一)

BitMEX Affiliate Payouts Now For Life

Affiliate Referral Program

BitMEX appreciates users spreading the word. We’re going to prove it.

Affiliate referral payments are now for life, instead of just for 6 months.

As before, every user that you refer to BitMEX using your unique referral link will receive 10% off trading fees for 6 months.

You will receive a percentage of trading fees the referred user pays to BitMEX, starting from 10%. As your total referral amount grows, so does your percentage.

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Fee Structure Rebalance

In order to increase liquidity, we have rebalanced the trading fee structure. This restructure maintains the same overall fee %, but further incentivises liquidity providers.

We have adjusted the fee structure from 0% / 0.05% maker / taker to -0.025% / 0.075%.

This means that makers will receive a 0.025% rebate, and takers will pay 0.075%.

These changes will affect all contracts except our hedging series (XBU) on Monday November 23 at 12:00 GMT.