September 2023 in Review

30 days has September – and we were busy for all of them.

The highlight? TOKEN2049 where many asked, “What bear market?” – commentary that also ran through the conversations our team on the ground had with clients, community members, and more. 

Needless to say, it was a packed week. You’ll find our key takeaways – the BitMEX take on TOKEN2049 if you will – in one read here.

Conference aside, our team rolled out new derivatives products, contracts, offers, and more. For all that happened in September… or is about to happen, read on.

TL;DR? Updates

New product types and platform features that we’ve rolled out in response to trader feedback. As well as current offers for our users to leverage. 

  • Prediction Markets is live. Our new crypto derivative allows you to call the outcome of real-life events, such as the recovery rate of FTX customer claims and the future of Bitcoin ETFs (know more). 
  • Manage multiple trading strategies. With Sub Accounts, users can now separate their funds and trading strategies (know more).
  • Our Legacy Maker rebate is back. A move that means you get 2bps for trading any USDT-margined contract on our platform (know more).

New Derivatives Listings 

Fresh perpetual swap and futures listings launched in September, with up to 100x leverage – one of the highest in the space. 


Featuring Filecoin, a project promised onstage by our Co-Founder Arthur Hayes at TOKEN2049. With up to 5x leverage and one of the highest max positions in the industry.

Read Now | Trade FILUSD | Trade FILUSDT


For the GLMR utility token which powers the Moonbeam network on Polkadot. Up to 5x leverage. 

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Featuring DeFiChain, a blockchain platform aimed at maximising the full potential of DeFi within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Up to 4x leverage. 

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Our regular monthly XBT futures listing, available with up to 100x leverage. 

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Quarterly Futures Listings

15 new futures listings dropped for Q4, with up to 100x leverage. 

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BitMEX in the Media 

Conversations we had with the media to chat about our business strategies, growth plans, product launches, and more.

  • Coverage of Prediction Markets. Insights on the launch of Prediction Markets, our new crypto derivative, reported by CoinDesk, The Block, and Wu Blockchain
  • Coingape interview. Our CEO Stephan with Coingape News at TOKEN2049 to discuss the future of crypto derivatives, the integration of DeFi, and more.
  • Talks at TOKEN2049 and Stablecoin Summit. On the cross-section of institutions and stablecoins, Stephan shared his insights on incentivising institutional adoption at TOKEN2049 and Stablecoin Summit in Singapore.


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