Interactive XBU, XBT, and BVOL Pricing Spreadsheets

If you are trading on the XBU, XBT, or BVOL chain, it may be difficult to calculate your PNL or to understand if a contract is under- or over-valued.

To help with this, BitMEX has prepared interactive spreadsheets with live Bitfinex and BitMEX market data to help you price your trades and better understand how each contract behaves. These spreadsheets combine real-time data with adjustable controls and graphing to help you plan your trade.

The spreadsheets outline the differences between XBT and XBU and how they are trading relative to Bitfinex Spot, as well as relative to USD and Bitcoin annualized interest rates. This data can help you make a savvy trade by recognizing when a contract might be under- or over-valued.

All three spreadsheets contain extensive explanation text in the sidebar. If you do not see the sidebar, please log in with your Gmail account, and click the BitMEX Pricing Help menu at the top.

These spreadsheets can be copied into your personal Google Drive and are free to modify for any use.

View Spreadsheets: XBU | XBT | BVOL