BitMEX Platform Hits US$1 Trillion in 365 Day Volume with Excellent Platform Performance

Trading volume on BitMEX eclipsed the equivalent of US$1 trillion over the past 365 days as we recorded two of the highest trading by volume months in our history in January and February 2021.

This milestone follows the completion of our User Verification Programme in December, making the BitMEX platform the largest cryptocurrency derivatives exchange with a fully verified active user base. Over US$335 billion equivalent has been traded following the verification deadline. 

Alexander Höptner, Chief Executive Officer of 100x Group, the holding structure for the BitMEX platform, said: “2021 will be a resurgent year for BitMEX and the pillars of this platform have proven themselves to be rock solid. In 2021, which we think could be a sea-change year for the cryptocurrency landscape, BitMEX will differentiate itself by offering the best of both worlds – a fair trading environment composed of verified users alongside top-tier liquidity, performance, and security.” 

Throughout the recent all-time-highs, the BitMEX platform has performed exceptionally well, with zero overloads around the January all-time-high and an impressive overload to write request ratio of 0.01% so users can trade when it counts.

Verified users can also trade on the go with BitMEX Mobile, which was launched last year. BitMEX Mobile is available in over 140 countries. 

You can sign up for an account here, or contact Support with any questions.

In the meantime, happy trading from all of us at BitMEX.