BitMEX Bolsters Anti Money Laundering and Trade Surveillance Monitoring

We can confirm that we’ve partnered with Eventus Systems to support our trade surveillance and anti money laundering (AML) transaction capabilities. This partnership is an important part of continuing to deliver on our promise to provide a safe and secure trading environment for all our users.  

Through integrating the Eventus Validus technology into our existing trade surveillance and AML processes, we will be able to more efficiently screen out bad actors and increase proactive monitoring for unauthorised trading activity on the BitMEX platform.

Malcolm Wright, Chief Compliance Officer of 100x Group, said: “The selection of Eventus to support our critical trade surveillance and AML functions is an important part of our plans to mature our compliance capabilities, with a vision of leading the industry on best practice crypto-asset compliance. Eventus has extensive expertise and experience not only with digital asset exchanges but also within the traditional financial sector. Choosing Eventus is part of our ongoing commitment to achieve this vision as we execute signature initiatives like our User Verification Programme.” 

Eventus Systems CEO Travis Schwab said: “We’ve invested considerable resources in the past year to add functionality to support major digital asset market operators. BitMEX has taken a variety of important steps over the past year to enhance its commitment to market integrity. We’re pleased to play a critical role in helping the exchange bolster its AML and surveillance capabilities through our robust, efficient Validus platform.”

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