April 10, 2017 BitMEX Morning Report

Currency 24 Hour Return Day High Day Low
Segwit (B_SEGWITZ17)    –  22.130% 31.05 31.00
Litecoin (LTC)    –  14.917% 0.00923 0.00731
Blocks (B_BLOCKSZ17)    + 9.091% 36.00 33.00

Segwit (B_SEGWITZ17) News:

BitMEX Launches a Segwit and Bigger Bitcoin Blocks Prediction Market [Cryptocoins News]

To trade Segwit on BitMEX, please trade B_SEGWITZ17


Litecoin (LTC) News:

Chinese Mining Pools Move To Block SegWit On Litecoin Network [newsbtc]

To trade Litecoin on BitMEX, please trade LTC7D


Blocks (B_BLOCKSZ17) News:

I’m All Blocked Up [BitMEX Blog]

To trade Blocks on BitMEX, please trade B_BLOCKSZ17