The BitMEX Trading Challenge Results

Thank you to all the traders who participated in the first BitMEX Trading Challenge. There were over 350 participants but there can only be one winner.

A trader with the username JMG decidedly won the first challenge. His account balance was an impressive 553.3853 XBT, for a return on equity of over 1,000%. BitMEX has sent 5 XBT to JMG’s personal Bitcoin address. BitMEX will also donate 5 XBT to The Water Project. The Water Project helps provide clean, safe water in developing countries.

The second 0.5 XBT prize was given to a trader with the username EZK27. He finished in the top 10, and was chosen at random to receive the prize.

The BitMEX Trading Challenge II is now live. All traders have been given a fresh start with 50 fake XBT. The real launch of BitMEX is weeks away. Keep learning and trading so you can start making real Bitcoin by the end of this month.

Below are the final results of the top 50 traders:

Username Margin Balance
JMG 553.3853 XBT
Fokchi123 237.2251 XBT
ppw22 172.5015 XBT
EZK27 142.9241 XBT
faeynheart 117.4818 XBT
joshlim 110.1306 XBT
NaskiaUtamu 106.9839 XBT
Username 106.3250 XBT
floopfloop 88.7515 XBT
binaryfin 74.5933 XBT
fisher 72.3535 XBT
MelonaD 69.6251 XBT
Bountoh 69.3479 XBT
medimatrix 67.5764 XBT
TrevinHofmann 65.3933 XBT
panislepickova 64.4395 XBT
apg 64.4217 XBT
facetedsubset 63.6886 XBT
antony 62.7164 XBT
shuckc 62.5893 XBT
mavoik 61.6366 XBT
alex1337 60.7224 XBT
MrSegfault 60.4425 XBT
Indeed 60.4272 XBT
Eff 60.0172 XBT
Yolos 58.1880 XBT
dashwoo 58.0261 XBT
mystisking 57.3277 XBT
darandull 57.1099 XBT
Davidjnamdar 56.2313 XBT
bos 55.5255 XBT
Merchant 55.2945 XBT
lordsonkit 54.1511 XBT
gigi 53.9036 XBT
Rizky 53.5595 XBT
fruitdealer 53.5230 XBT
ccrock 53.1972 XBT
Bkcoins 52.5674 XBT
rhk 52.4286 XBT
frederich 52.2450 XBT
mandi 51.7320 XBT
thegreatscott 51.4665 XBT
vnct 51.4356 XBT
sinedolo 51.2265 XBT
jm12 50.8369 XBT
BitInvest 50.7542 XBT
TheGlobe 50.7385 XBT
sixthsense 50.6588 XBT
pipor 50.6442 XBT
coffeens 50.6216 XBT