The BitMEX Anniversary Trading Awards

It’s been two years since BitMEX went live!

Early on November 24, 2014, we flipped the switch on the very first production version of BitMEX. So much has changed.

In that time, we’ve traded over $2.5 billion in total volume, and BitMEX has become a dominant exchange in the BTC/USD market. Our success is due entirely to our users. To celebrate our success, we are announcing the BitMEX Anniversary Trading Awards.

Contest Rules:

2 Bitcoin will be awarded to the top trader in each of the following categories. Only trading between 24 November 2016 12:00 UTC to 25 November 2016 12:00 UTC will be counted.

  • Big Spender: Trader with the most Bitcoin turnover summed across all BitMEX products.
  • Yacht Club: Trader with the largest net profit; this includes unrealised and realised profit.
  • Shoot The Moon: Trader with the largest liquidation in Bitcoin notional terms.
  • I’m Feeling Lucky: A random trader in the Trollbox.
    • Any trader who has posted at least one comment in the Trollbox during the contest period and executed at least one trade is automatically entered.

Each registered user may only win one prize.

Upon the conclusion of the contest, BitMEX will calculate and publish the top 3 results of each category and the winners’ usernames. Each user will be contacted before publication. By accepting a reward, you accept publication of your username and the conditions by which you won. 

Enjoy these photos of BitMEX over the years: