Renewal of Gleb Naumenko’s Bitcoin Developer Grant

BitMEX is delighted to announce that it has renewed Gleb Naumenko’s Bitcoin developer grant until June 2022, providing him with a US$100,000 one-year grant.

Alex Höptner, CEO of BitMEX made the following comment:

Following on from the renewal of Calvin’s grant last week, I am pleased to also announce the renewal of Gleb’s grant for another year. BitMEX’s high grant renewal rate demonstrates our consistent and long term commitment to open source Bitcoin development. This grant will allow Gleb to focus on implementing his research ideas and Gleb is also planning on helping with some of the groundwork to get others’ big ideas like AltNet and Utreexo merged into Bitcoin Core. The grant program will open again for new applications in July 2021, stay tuned for more information.

Commenting on the grant, Gleb said:

The last two years were productive for me in terms of big ideas: Erlay first, then Asmap, CoinPool, Stake Certificates, Time-Dilation Attacks. I’m really glad to have an opportunity to push these forward from experimental setups and theoretical ideas to being real in helping and protecting Bitcoiners, and that’s what I’m going to focus on during the following year. Of course, I’m also going to give back and help other developers with their ideas which are as great.

The grant is based on the open source template grant contract. BitMEX, the platform which invented the perpetual swap contract, is proud to support open source Bitcoin development and engineering, aimed at improving Bitcoin’s robustness, scalability and privacy.