October 19, 2016 BitMEX Morning Report

Currency 24 Hour Return Day High Day Low
Factom (FCT) + 9.391% 0.0041000 0.0036502
Augur (REP) + 8.061% 0.0089979  0.00078524
Ethereum (ETH) + 4.894% 0.02023 0.01877

Factom (FCT) News: 

Factom Chairman on Bitcoin: “The Sooner We Fork The Better” [Crytocoins News]

To trade Factom on BitMEX, please trade FCTXBT


Augur (REP) News:

Will Augur be able to take people predictions and bets using USD and other non crypto-currencies [Reddit]

To trade Augur on BitMEX, please trade REP7D


Ethereum (ETH) News:

Digital Currency Exchanges on the Upcoming Ethereum Hardfork [Crytocoins News]

To trade Ethereum on BitMEX, please trade ETHXBT