October 17, 2016 BitMEX Report


Currency 24 Hour Return Day High Day Low
Ethereum Classic (ETC) + 20.334% 0.001921  0.001546
Monero (XMR)  – 3.637% 0.0103800  0.00095600
Factom (FCT)  – 3.1472% 0.0040381 0.0038958


Ethereum Classic (ETC) News: 

1st ETC ICO:ETCWIN will be launched on 8btc crowdfunding site 15th Oct [Reddit]

To trade Ethereum Classic on BitMEX, please trade ETC7D


Monero (XMR) News:

Jaxx & Decentral – Introduction, and how we are working to improve the Monero ecosystem and infrastructure [Reddit]

To trade Monero on BitMEX, please trade XMR7D


Factom (FCT) News:

Factom Woos Mortgage Industry Experts to Blockchain Technology Startup [Factom]

To trade Factom on BitMEX, please trade FCTXBT