November 30, 2016 BitMEX Morning Report

Currency 24 Hour Return Day High Day Low
Ethereum (ETH) –      6.503% 0.0119 0.01058
Zcash (ZEC) –      3.625% 0.106066 0.0915
Factom (FCT) +     3.383% 0.003149 0.0029752

Ethereum (ETH) News:

vDice – Gambling on the Ethereum Blockchain [newsbtc]

To trade Ethereum on BitMEX, please trade ETH7D 


Zcash (ZEC) News:

New Anonymous Cryptocurrency Ebitz Launches ICO [allcoinsnews]

To trade Zcash on BitMEX, please trade ZECZ16


Factom (FCT) News:

5 Blockchain Applications That Are Shaping Your Future [The Huffington Post]

To trade Factom on BitMEX, please trade FCT7D