March 08, 2017 BitMEX Morning Report

Currency 24 Hour Return Day High Day Low
Ripple (XRP)    + 14.560% 0.00000559 0.00000472
Monero (XMR)     – 8.795% 0.0121190 0.0109124
Bitcoin (XBC)     – 4.345% 8278.00 7742.73

Ripple (XRP) News:

Speculation : Ripple will double regardless of SEC’s decision on BTC ETF [Reddit]

To trade Ripple on BitMEX, please trade XRP7D


Monero (XMR) News:

BlockchainHub Graz – Meetup #9 Monero – presented by Justin Ehrenhofer [Meetup]

To trade Monero on BitMEX, please trade XMR7D


Bitcoin (XBC) News:

1/ PBoC director: we shall adopt a forgiving attitude, not prohibit the exchanges for the time being & set an observation period. #bitcoin [Reddit]

To trade Bitcoin / Yuan on BitMEX, please trade XBCH17