March 06, 2017 BitMEX Morning Report

Currency 24 Hour Return Day High Day Low
Bitcoin ETF (COIN)    + 17.438% 52.00 43.00
Augur (REP)    + 9.295% 0.0048460 0.0043265
Monero (XMR)    + 7.568% 0.0121980 0.0108787

Bitcoin ETF (COIN) News:

To The Moon? Analysts Optimistic Towards Bitcoin ETF Approval – 50 Percent Probability [Cointelegraph]

To trade Bitcoin ETF on BitMEX, please trade COIN_BH17


Augur (REP) News:

Augur conference calls – communicating with the base [Reddit]

To trade Augur on BitMEX, please trade REP7D


Monero (XMR) News:

Monero Price Analysis – US$15 Per XMR Is A Viable Target [Live Bitcoin News]

To trade Monero on BitMEX, please trade XMR7D