Launch of Affiliate Referral Program

Affiliate Referral Program

At BitMEX we want users to share in our success. To reward users for spreading the word about the BitMEX platform, we have introduced an Affiliate Referral Program.

How it Works

Each user has been given a unique affiliate link. Any new user who signs up with this link will be credited to you. The new user gets a 10% discount on trading fees for their six months of trading when they use your affiliate link to sign up. As the affiliate you receive a percentage of the total commissions paid by all your referrals for their first six months of trading. The percentage of commissions you receive depends on the total Bitcoin notional trading volume of all referred accounts. The more your referrals trade, the bigger your slice of their trading fees.

Payouts are made daily at 12:01 GMT. To learn your affiliate link and more about the program visit the Referrals page on BitMEX.