January 26, 2017 BitMEX Morning Report

Currency 24 Hour Return Day High Day Low
Ethereum Classic (ETC)     – 6.675% 0.001540 0.001418
Zcash (ZEC)     – 4.270% 0.0467500 0.0439551
Litecoin (LTC)     – 2.844% 0.00423 0.00405

Ethereum Classic (ETC) News:

Trust or No Trust, Traders Are Still Unsure About Ethereum Classic [CoinDesk]

To trade Ethereum Classic on BitMEX, please trade ETC7D


Zcash (ZEC) News:

Transaction Linkability [Zcash Blog]

To trade Zcash on BitMEX, please trade ZECH17


Litecoin (LTC) News:

SegWit soft fork is superior to any hard fork, I’ll explain why [Reddit]

To trade Litecoin on BitMEX, please trade LTC7D