January 24, 2017 BitMEX Morning Report

Currency 24 Hour Return Day High Day Low
Factom (FCT)    + 7.628% 0.0037793 0.0033447
Ethereum (ETH)    + 1.990% 0.01185 0.01155
Bitcoin (XBC)     – 1.403% 6427.70 6177.18

Factom (FCT) News:

Factom Wallet is not practical for average user [Reddit]

To trade Factom on BitMEX, please trade FCT7D


Ethereum (ETH) News:

Proposed ‘Ethereum’ Investment Vehicle Sparks Controversy [CoinDesk]

To trade Ethereum on BitMEX, please trade ETH7D


Bitcoin (XBC) News:

Have we just seen the end of fake Chinese bitcoin trading volumes? [Brave NewCoin]

To trade Bitcoin / Yuan on BitMEX, please trade XBCH17