February 03, 2017 BitMEX Morning Report

Currency 24 Hour Return Day High Day Low
Factom (FCT)     – 4.533% 0.003550 0.003301
Ripple (XRP)     – 4.511% 0.00000674 0.00000627
Bitcoin (XBC)    + 1.482% 7137.00 6777.34

Factom (FCT) News:

Factom Receives Second DHS Grant For Blockchain IoT Project [ETHNews]

To trade Factom on BitMEX, please trade FCT7D


Ripple (XRP) News:

Did ripple get it all wrong with Jed? [Reddit]

To trade Ripple on BitMEX, please trade XRP7D


Bitcoin (XBC) News:

Bitcoin’s Price Inches Above $1,000, But Will It Last? [CoinDesk]

To trade Bitcoin / Yuan on BitMEX, please trade XBCH17