Crypto Trader Daily – 3 March 2014

Price Action

Traders were in a bullish mood today after the announcement of the first publicly tradable Bitcoin investment vehicle in the US. The price climbed all the way to $281 on Bitfinex. The price subsequently corrected $10 and now stands around $270. The $300 level looms near. A slow an methodical climb through $300 could unleash an explosion of FOMO buying once breached.

Trade Ideas

Continue to buy the dips. Resist the urge to increase one’s long exposure at physiological barriers. An example would be $280, $290 … For maximum gain on the upside, consider trading XBTH15 and take advantage of the positive USD gamma.

In the News

Havelock Investments to reopen tomorrow (Reddit)

GAW Miners: Proof of Fraud (Coinbrief)