Crypto Trader Daily – 17 February 2014

Price Action

Extend and pretend is the name of the game from Europe. Another critical meeting, and another episode of can kicking. No new news on Greece, and another day of $230-$240 range bound trading for Bitcoin. The Chinese New Year lull has officially set in.


Trade Ideas

Selling realised volatility for February during these times is prudent. Trade the BVOLG15 (27 February 2015) realised volatility futures contract. After an eventful end of January and start to February the contract has been bid up. If trading continues this way until the end of next week, realised volatility should decline.


In the News

Netagio shutters Bitcoin exchange (ConDesk)

2,180 Bitcoin foundation members barred from voting (CoinTelegraph)

VICE interviews Winklevoss twins (VICE)