BitMEX Trading Challenge II Results

The BitMEX Trading Challenge II concluded on September 26, 2014. The addition of some new type of futures contracts added a bit of complexity. We hope that traders learned some valuable lessons that they can employ when BitMEX goes live in late October.

The overall winner of the contest was a trader by the username crispyape, who had a total profit of 349.4332 XBT. Below is a table of the top traders:

Username PNL XBT
crispyape 349.4332
floopfloop 66.70924
panislepickova 26.00511
leathan 17.71602
NaskiaUtamu 14.95281
dzderic 14.38048
chrisrobbo 14.16822
Tone 13.86423
joshlim 12.38161
mystisking 9.954895
null 8.484501
Siegfried 1.536836
urielscott 1.453692
pipor 1.053909
crazycampbell 1
cometcomputing 0.748185
msraj 0.398453
BitSpread 0.3246

The next prize of 0.5 XBT was awarded to the trader who had the highest profit accumulated from trading USDU14 and USDZ14. Crispyape again took the top spot with a profit of 199.8456 XBT. Below is a table of the top traders on the USD futures chain:

Username PNL XBT
crispyape 199.8456
floopfloop 93.88592
leathan 17.71602
dzderic 13.68233
NaskiaUtamu 10.85109
panislepickova 5.445472
kumarz 4.008618
chrisrobbo 3.38864
Erdillian 0.315
acushnir 0.084995
Indeed 0.03924

The final prize of 0.5 XBT was awarded to the trader who had the highest sharpe ratio and also had a positive overall PNL. We calculated the sharpe ratio by taking a trader’s overall profit and dividing that by the standard deviation of their profit measured in 8 hour segments. Urielscott won with a sharpe of 0.6240939. Below is a table of the top traders:

Username Sharpe Ratio
urielscott 0.6240939
panislepickova 0.2229755
dzderic 0.1636796
johnerfx 0.152975
Siegfried 0.1495467
TheGull 0.1288484
msraj 0.1214927
Tone 0.1143604
mystisking 0.1124861
BitSpread 0.1007835
sve9mark 0.09923994
joshlim 0.08847148
floopfloop 0.08233914
null 0.07852065

Thank you to everyone for participating. The trading games have ended for the time being. We will still allow paper trading, and will enable testnet Bitcoin deposit and withdrawals. The full exchange will go live in late October. If you have any interest in market making, please contact BitMEX has a very generous and comprehensive market maker reward scheme in place for those who qualify.