Growing the BitMEX Partner Programme: Meet Our 10 New Partners

Our partner ecosystem has expanded again with the addition of ten new members: Avelacom, B-Cube, Bequant Pro, Bookmap, Crypto Index Series, CryptoQuant, Fly Signals, GoCharting, Hummingbot, and Tealstreet. With more partners onboard, our users now have access to a wider variety of exclusive privileges and services that they can use to enhance their trading experience.

Our latest member additions bring the total number of BitMEX partners to 30. This also marks the third phase of our Partner Programme, which connects our users with trusted tools while rewarding partners for introducing users to BitMEX. Among our new partners, we have a diverse selection of companies that offer copy trading, algorithmic trading, market making bots, and data and analytics platforms.

Visit our Partner Programme page today, or read on to learn more.

About Our Partner Programme

The aim of our Partner Programme is to offer our users exclusive access to platforms, services, and ancillary tools that improve and strengthen their BitMEX trading experience. As a result of the tools and privileges provided from phase one and two of our partner programme, we’ve witnessed a major uptick in new users and trading volumes. And we’re just getting started – our goal is to continue expanding our universe of offerings and the privileges available to our users.

Introducing Our New Partners

Here is a list of our new partners, along with a quick overview of their tools and services:

  • Avelacom offers low latency connectivity, IT infrastructure, and data solutions for investment banks and fintech companies.
  • B-Cube is a marketplace of AI-driven crypto trading bots, which allows traders to connect their favourite exchanges in one place.
  • Beqaunt Pro is a regulated virtual financial assets prime broker that offers a full suite of services for institutional and professional traders.
  • Bookmap is a trading platform that lets users visualise market liquidity and gain insight into the order book.
  • Crypto Index Series offers data, trading, and portfolio analytics API, and tools for crypto markets.
  • CryptoQuant provides comprehensive data for crypto trading.
  • FLy Copy Trading offers an easy and safe way to earn. Make money with trusted and reliable algorithmic strategies automatically.
  • GoCharting is a modern financial analytics platform that offers a world-class trading and charting experience.
  • Hummingbot is an open-source software that helps users build market making and arbitrage bots that run on any crypto exchange.
  • Tealstreet is a trading terminal that creates a powerful and consistent trading experience across a variety of derivative exchanges.

Learn More About Our Partner Programme

To learn more about our partners, and the tiers and benefits of our programme, visit the BitMEX Partner Programme page.

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