BitMEX 2nd Anniversary Trading Awards Winners

The BitMEX 2nd Anniversary Trading Awards have concluded. It is time to announce the winners.

The winner of each category will receive a 2 Bitcoin prize.

Big Spender: Trader with the most Bitcoin turnover summed across all BitMEX products.

Username Bitcoin Turnover
XBOT 4,237.76 XBT
j8 2,354.87 XBT
1,894.32 XBT

Yacht Club: Trader with the largest net profit; this includes unrealised and realised profit.

Username Bitcoin Profit
Waverider83 15.14 XBT
douver 14.48 XBT
14.16 XBT

Shoot The Moon: Trader with the largest liquidation in Bitcoin notional terms.

The winning trader is trollboxer. Because this award is the result of actual money lost, we will not publish the size of the liquidation.

I’m Feeling Lucky: A random trader in the Trollbox.

The winning trader is habibi.

Thank you to all of our users for helping to make BitMEX the success that it is today. Stay tuned for similar promotions in the near future.