Bitcoin developer grant provided to Jeremy Rubin

100x Group is delighted to announce that it has awarded a US$50,000 one-year grant to Bitcoin Core contributor and researcher, Jeremy Rubin of Judica Inc, as part of the 100x Open Source Developer Grant programme. This follows on from grants made by 100x’s programme to Michael Ford, Gleb Naumenko and Amiti Uttarwar. The grant is based on the open source template contract.

Judica Inc, a Bitcoin R&D lab founded by Jeremy, already has funding from other sources and 100x Group is delighted to provide additional support to ensure that it’s work can be financially sustainable. The lab’s goals are to conduct critical infrastructure on Bitcoin’s mempool, maintain the CheckTemplateVerify (BIP-119) proposal and to develop the Sapio programming language among other things.

100x Group is proud to support open source Bitcoin development and engineering, aimed at improving Bitcoin’s robustness, scalability and privacy. The 100x Open Source Development Grant programme provides grants to developers working on Bitcoin, NodeJS, Java or Kubernetes. The grant program for 2020 is now closed to new applicants. Details of the 2021 Grant Program will be announced in due course.