April 11, 2017 BitMEX Morning Report

Currency 24 Hour Return Day High Day Low
Blocks (B_BLOCKSZ17)    + 33.333% 48.00 48.00
Litecoin (LTC)    + 6.234% 0.00844 0.00740
Dash (DASH)     – 4.781% 0.0552 0.0497

Blocks (B_BLOCKSZ17) News:

A 3.7MB SegWit Blocks Was Mined On The Bitcoin Testnet [newsbtc]

To trade Blocks on BitMEX, please trade B_BLOCKSZ17


Litecoin (LTC) News:

With the push for UASF, is there a chance jihan would rather just let segwit activate via miners?  [Reddit]

To trade Litecoin on BitMEX, please trade LTC7D


Dash (DASH) News:

Dash has lost full 50% of its value in terms of Bitcoin recently. (1) Where did the support go? (2) where was the interest coming from in the first place? [Reddit]

To trade Dash on BitMEX, please trade DASHJ17