Announcing The Launch of BFX 2.5x Leveraged Futures

BFX is a notional credit of Bitfinex after the “security breach”, with each token’s face value as 1 USD.

In BitMEX we believe in a free market empowers people and improves price discovery. As a result, BitMEX is pleased to announce the launch of BFXQ16. BFXQ16 allows users who may not hold BFX Tokens or have an account with Bitfinex to trade and speculate on the recovery value of BFX Tokens, while exposing themselves to less counterparty risk by using leverage.

BFXQ16 Contract Details:

  • Payoff: 0.1 XBT per 1 USD
  • The underlying is the Bitfinex BFX/USD exchange rate
  • Margin, profit, and loss are all in Bitcoin
  • Leverage of 2.5x
  • Expires 26 Aug 12:00 UTC, settles on 30 minute TWAP of BFX/USD
  • More details

Traders can go long or short BFXUSD using only Bitcoin. No BFX, USD or Bitfinex account is required.

To begin trading, deposit Bitcoin to your BitMEX account. Then you can place buy or sell orders on BFXUSD.