100x Marks First Anniversary of Partnership with the Shadowserver Foundation

Today, we mark the first anniversary of our partnership with the Shadowserver Foundation, the leading non-profit provider of cybersecurity data and services. We are a strong advocate of internet security and we are proud to continue to support Shadowserver in its efforts to stop cybercrime. 

For 15 years, Shadowserver has protected internet users from malicious activity and security vulnerabilities. As a trusted partner of 120 national governments, Shadowserver provides technical support for some of the biggest international cybercrime disruption efforts, successfully stopping the equivalent of hundreds of millions’ of dollars in damage globally.

We believe that internet users should have access to free information about cybersecurity breaches. Our funding, which is part of a four-year commitment to Shadowserver from 100x Group, supports its Public Benefit Services, which helps third parties – from governments to private sector firms – stay informed about network and security exposure.

Alex Höptner, CEO of 100x Group, the holding structure of BitMEX, said: “Shadowserver has silently protected the internet community for years; they are a remarkable player in the defence of the world wide web. Looking at the crypto industry specifically, exchanges depend on secure internet networks to provide a trading environment for users that meets the highest standards for safety and stability. We remain committed to cybersecurity and one of the ways we are doing that is by extending support to organisations like Shadowserver that are working towards creating a safer Internet for all of us.”

Shadowserver Director Richard Perlotto said: “The support we have received from 100x is instrumental in allowing us to continue our work in public benefit services. Given security is such an important factor in the world of crypto, we appreciate the backing we’ve had from a range of businesses. With their support, we look forward to continuing our track record of providing free, public benefit, victim detection and remediation services globally for the foreseeable future.”