Introducing Sophisticated Trading Tools on BitMEX with VEMA Trader

VEMA Trader, a leader in innovative trading solutions, has now joined the BitMEX Partner Programme, introducing users to a suite of products designed to drive trading to new heights. By integrating VEMA Trader with BitMEX, users can expect a seamless experience with enhanced features, allowing them to maximise their trading potential. 

Regarding the new partnership, Partnerships Manager Michael Stroud commented, “We at BitMEX strongly believe in giving our traders the best possible trading experience and the addition of VEMA Trader to our Partner Programme will bring much-needed protection and simplicity to our users via their top-of-the-line automated risk management. Ranging from professional traders to first-time traders, VEMA Trader is a platform that brings huge value-add to all levels of traders.”

Through the addition of VEMA Trader, BitMEX users can now access sophisticated tools to automate trade entries and exits, calculate risk management, and maintain detailed journals of their trading activities. 

Richard Morwood, CEO and Founder of VEMA Trader said, “We’re thrilled to join forces with BitMEX to redefine the crypto trading landscape. BitMEX’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the cryptocurrency trading space aligns perfectly with our mission at VEMA Trader. Together, we are poised to deliver unparalleled trading efficiency, profitability, and value to our users, setting new standards in automated trade execution and risk management.”

About VEMA Trader

VEMA Trader was conceived by Richard Morwood in Sydney in 2017 out of frustration that he was missing trades. The signals would come and he was unable to take action because he was in meetings, or spending time with his young family. The process of calculating position size, placing orders and journaling would have to wait.

Drawing on his specialist knowledge of data warehousing and performance automation, Richard created VEMA Trader – an all encompassing trading platform that is controlled entirely by the trader, on their own schedule. VEMA Trader’s mission is to create innovative and intuitive trading tools that allow everyone to visualise, execute, monitor and analyse their trading performance. 

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About the BitMEX Partner Programme

The BitMEX Partner Programme exists to offer users access to platforms, services, and ancillary tools to improve and strengthen both their performance and experience. 

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