Now Live: TRXUSDT Perpetual Contract With Up To 33x Leverage

The TRX token itself is used to gain access to certain features of the operating software on the Tron protocol. Launched in 2017, TRON (TRX) is a decentralised blockchain-based operating system developed by the Tron Foundation. The TRON software supports smart contracts, different types of blockchain systems, and dApps.

The TRXUSDT listing went live on 7 November 2023 at 04:00 UTC. It’s a USDT-margined perpetual contract, with up to 33x leverage. Trade it here.


TRXUSDT Linear Contract Specs

TRXUSDT is a linear perpetual swap, margined in USDT.

Key contract specs:

  • Symbol: TRXUSDT
  • Margin currency:  USDT
  • Contract Size: 0.1 TRX
  • Lot Size: 1000
  • Minimum Trade Amount: 100 TRX
  • Underlying: .BTRXT
  • Max Leverage: 33x
  • Maker Fee: -0.0175%
  • Taker Fee: 0.075%
  • Base Initial Margin: 3.00% 
  • Base Maintenance Margin: 1.50% 

If you have any questions, please contact our Support team who will be happy to help.