Sunsetting the LINKUSDT Quanto Futures

It’s our duty to provide markets that command liquidity for our users – and at times, that means we need to allow some contracts to expire and not be renewed. We call this ‘sunsetting’, and in the coming Q3 Futures listing, we will sunset the LINKUSDT Quanto Futures after its regular June expiry at 12:00 UTC on 25 June 2021. 

This means there will not be a U21 Quanto Futures contract listed on the LINK USDT pair. 

The LINKUSDTM21 Quanto Futures contracts will be available for trading until the regular June expiry and will settle on the 30 minute Time Weighted Average Price (“TWAP”) of the underlying Index at that time. For more information on settlement for our Quanto Futures contracts, please see our FAQ.

We have plenty of new listings coming your way, so stay tuned for the Q3 2021 Quarterly Futures Listings update on 4 June 2021. 

Thank you for trading with us and, as always, please contact Support with any questions or feedback.