XBT Contracts and Bitfinex Downtime


During yesterday’s Bitfinex downtime, BitMEX and Kaiko decided to declare a Market Disruption Event (MDE) and remove Bitfinex from the Kaiko index until further notice.

At the time of writing, BItfinex is back up & running and appears stable.

In case of further downtime, we are making the following announcement:

If Bitfinex continues to be stable, we will add it back to the Kaiko BitMEX Index at 12:00 UTC June 22, 2016.

In this case, “stable” is defined as less than 5 minute of recorded downtime from BitMEX and Kaiko servers.

This affects the XBT and LTC series, which is the following products:

  • XBTM16
  • XBTU16

We’ll continue to keep an eye on Bitfinex’s stability throughout and will be announcing a new automated policy to handle this downtime in the future.