Update: Withdrawal Cutoff Moving to 13 UTC, Update Notes


By popular demand, we’ve decided to move our withdrawal cutoff to 13 UTC from 12 UTC. Since all expiries and rebalances happen at 12 UTC, this gives traders a one-hour window to withdraw profits without having to wait until the next day.

Other updates:

  • New expiration countdown timer in the right of the Ticker Bar.
  • Close Limit orders are now IOC (Immediate Or Cancel), preventing potential accidental stacking. Close Market orders are not stackable.
  • New Isolated Margin Guide.
  • The API Explorer no longer requires a separate login and just works.
  • Fixed the “Add Margin” label in Remove Margin dialog.
  • The Order Controls now show a deposit address immediately if your account is empty.
  • Market orders are now properly identified in order history.
  • Various design tweaks.
  • Memory and performance updates.

We hope this helps you use BitMEX effectively. Best of luck in the (very volatile) markets!