Updates to our Terms of Service

With the expansion of our product offerings and our ambition to go Beyond Derivatives, we have updated our Terms of Service and provided additional resources in our Legal section to reflect the plans we have for BitMEX going forward.

You can see our new Terms of Service here which take effect from today. We have also added a new Exchange Rules page here to set out in one convenient place the rules and processes that underpin use of the BitMEX platform. For ease of reference, we have set out our Restricted Jurisdictions policy in a separate page here. To reflect some of the changes being made to the Terms of Service, we have also made corresponding amendments to our Risk Disclosure statement here

These changes are intended to ensure that the terms under which our users engage with our services are in line with current practice, and to provide greater transparency to our users on their rights and obligations.

The changes above take effect from today (Monday, 1 November) at 06:00 UTC and your continued use of the BitMEX platform will be subject to these new terms.

If you have any questions please let us know by contacting Support.