Update 3: Litecoin, Websocket API Changes, HTML Chat

Today is day 14 of the BitMEX trading challenge and we’re just a few days away from our first settlement: XBTP14 will settle on the 15th.


We’re proud to announce the opening of the XLTQ14 contract: this is a Litecoin future, closing August 29th. All positions are created and settled in XBT; settlement price is determined by 2 hour TWAP on Bitfinex. Due to Litecoin’s lower price, XLT contracts use a 100,000 multiplier (instead of 1,000 for XBT).

Litecoin has really been shaking up this week; this will be a fun contract to trade.

Websocket API

We’ve gotten some great feedback from some of you on our Websocket API; we’re happy to say we’ve implemented some major changes. New documentation is available. The biggest changes are:

  • New commands:
    • getAccount – If provided a valid accessToken, will push your entire account status to you (margin, positions, open orders)
    • getSymbol – Given a symbol, will push all relevant tables (instrument, orderBook, latest quote, latest trade)
  • New syntax:
    • The old syntax, {"subscribe": Subscription} is now deprecated. It will continue to work until the end of the game, but will be removed. The new syntax is: {"op": "subscribe", "args": [Subscription]}.
    • Arrays are now supported in most operations; for example, one may subscribe to multiple feeds in a single command with {"op": "subscribe", "args": ["trade", "orderBook"]}. If any of the desired subscriptions are private, you must provide an accessToken.


Basic formatting HTML is now available in chat, such as <b><i>, and more. Hover over the chat input box for a full list.