Update 2: Usability, Notifications, Performance & More

Today is day 9 of the BitMEX trading game, and the response and comments so far have been spectacular.

We’ve been iterating quickly on the product. We are listening to your feedback on the new things you’d like to see in UI and API, as well as on the new kinds of orders and products you’d like to see.

Here’s what’s made it into BitMEX this week:

  • Native device notifications! You should notice a notifications prompt when you loaded the site for the first time today. If you turn these on, you will see system-level notifications for trade fills, chat mentions, and account status on your desktop/mobile.
  • The Recent Trades list is now colored.
  • All terms are now defined on hover; we’ve removed the glossary page in favor of tooltips as they are much easier to use. Further documentation is available in the Exchange Guide.
  • Usability fixes for phones. We are doing our best to support mobile devices and in order to do so, the app has to be lean and fast. We are pushing a lot of data which makes the app heavy but we are doing our best to make it work. Most recently-made smartphones have been handling the dashboard well, but there is progress to be made in this area.
  • We have disabled some of the fancier UI flairs on mobile to improve frame rates; please let us know if you are still experiencing loading and frame rate issues on mobile devices.
  • Rate limiting: the API now rate limits access on all routes. Check the X-Ratelimit-* headers. We limit users to 150 API calls per 5 minutes for authenticated routes. If you are not authenticated, we identify you by IP. We are aware that this could cause problems on shared networks; in that case, always send an accessToken with your request and you will be rate limited individually. If you feel that you have legitimate needs that are greater than this, please email us at support@bitmex.com.
  • We’ve added a ‘status’ row to the Margin Display – this will let you know if your account is in good standing, and if it is, your current margin usage and leverage multiplier.
  • Along the way, we’ve tightened up the layout and fixed a lot of bugs.

We have a lot more on our todo list for the upcoming weeks. If you have any suggestions, please ping us in chat (start typing ‘BitMEX’ and hit tab; you can autofill any of our names, which will send us a notification) or send us an email at support@bitmex.com.

Happy trading!