Site Updates: August 2017

We’re back at it! For much of 2017, the BitMEX development team has been focused on new products, reliability, scaling, and building a larger team. With much of that work completed and much well underway, we have begun work anew to improve the website.

The following features landed this month:

  • Orders: We’ve added a new order modifier to Limit orders: Reduce Only. Use this type if you want to ensure an order can only reduce the size of your position.
  • Performance: We’ve reduced redundant data pulls, overlaps errors, layout reflows, and data lookups. CPU usage should be noticeably improved. You can improve it further by disabling animations in the main menu at the top right of the screen.
  • Bugs: Many TradingView chart bugs have been fixed and we are now on the latest available version.
    • Some of you may have noticed an issue where the chart would appear to show a wick that has not occurred. This has been fixed.
  • Customization: For developers, there is an improved data interface at window.BitMEX. Take a look if you wish to write your own custom notifications or behavior.