Reminder – [Mainnet] Scheduled Downtime for 9 March

Our scheduled upgrade today on Testnet was completed successfully. As we announced earlier, on 9 March at 00:15 UTC we’ll have a temporary period of scheduled downtime on Mainnet to apply the same upgrade. 

The system will continue in cancel-only mode from 00:15 UTC until 00:20 UTC before the upgrade takes place; during this time cancel order requests will be processed. From 00:20 UTC, any order actions will be rejected. Deposits made during the whole period will be queued for processing.

The system is expected to be online again in cancel-only mode from approximately 00:45 UTC. Continuous trading will recommence from approximately 00:50 UTC.

From the halt of trading until continuous trading resumes, there will be no Mark Price updates and hence no liquidations.

While this is a minor update, the process may take longer depending on a number of factors. During the upgrade, relevant updates will be shared on our Status page

For more information, please refer to the table below.

Testnet or Mainnet? Date/ Time What will happen? Reason
Mainnet (production) only Thursday, 9 March at 00:15 UTC Trading halts; system in cancel-only mode To facilitate a minor upgrade to our system
Thursday, 9 March at 00:20 UTC System taken offline for upgrade
Thursday, 9 March at approximately 00:45 UTC System online in cancel-only mode
Thursday, 9 March at approximately 00:50 UTC Continuous trading recommences, Mark Price calculated