Orderbook Grouping, API Key Interface

Another week, another round of updates to BitMEX:

  • We’ve launched a new Orderbook Grouping feature. This allows you to view the Orderbook grouped at price intervals to get a better view of the book as a whole. No more getting blinded by small orders filling up the book!
  • API Keys can finally be created through the UI. Use this UI to create keys for use with your own software or external services like Haasbot or Coinigy.
  • Highlighting of changes throughout the site has been much improved. Rather than the whole row highlighting, each individual field will highlight if changed. Additionally, performance has greatly increased.

Coming soon:

  • We’re preparing a comprehensive preference page. This page will allow setting preferences for notifications, sounds, emails, and much more.
  • New order types: Market, OCO.
  • Many more usability features are on the way, including BBO (Best Bid/Offer), an all-Bitcoin display (instead of contracts), a redesigned trade page, and much more.