New Trade Type: Take Profit

Today brings a relatively major frontend update to BitMEX. The core changes:

  • Two new order types, Take Profit and Take Profit Market.
    • These are similar to Stop orders, but the trigger works in the opposite direction. Use these to set up orders to close your position without having to leave an order in the market.
    • Use in combination with the Close modifier to ensure a Take Profit order may only decrease your position size.
    • A full overview is available in the docs.
  • New Tooltips; you’ll find that more parts of the UI have explanation text. Look for the tiny question marks.
  • We cleaned up some styles, especially in the order controls.
  • We fixed some bugs. Most of them were rare, especially involving long idle tabs.
  • You’ll see some performance boosts; we rewrote the underlying date formatting, which was a major render bottleneck. The site now loads more quickly and performs better.

That’s it for today! We have much more on the way, stay tuned.