New Token Alert: MATIC is Coming to BitMEX

Polygon fans – this one’s for you. MATIC is arriving to the BitMEX ecosystem.

We’re about to launch MATIC (ERC-20) support, meaning you will soon be able to:

  • Buy MATIC with 36 fiat currencies. 
  • Convert Tether (ERC-20) into MATIC, and vice versa, with no hidden fees or the need to worry about slippage.
  • Deposit and withdraw MATIC via your BitMEX Wallet.
    • Note: The minimum amount you can withdraw/deposit is seven MATIC. 

Coming soon: In early Q2 2022, BitMEX Spot will launch with ApeCoin, Bitcoin, Ether, MATIC, Tether, and a growing number of tokens available to trade on our spot exchange from day one.

Read our blog to learn more, or contact Support if you have any questions.